News Update: 2nd July 2020

Virtual Challenge20 is drawing ever closer and we can’t wait for you to join us for what will be a fantastic virtual Scouting event. We’re so excited, that we will be providing you with weekly updates on the event, including new information, programme activities and entertainment, so that you can share this with your young people and their parents. Don’t forget Virtual Challenge20 has moved to the 8th – 9th August 2020. We’ll be releasing details of our programme very soon, so do keep an eye on your e-mails and the event Facebook group (see below) to get a sneak preview of what will be on offer.
These updates will go to Group Scout Leaders, Section Leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Section Assistants, as well as District Commissioners and deputies, ADCs, DESCs and District Camp Leads so that we can keep you all up to date with the amazing progress as we move towards the event.
Have you joined the event group?
Virtual Challenge20 will be taking place via our closed Facebook group here. This will allow us to share all of the event with you, but also for you and the parents of your young people to share what you and your young people have been up to as part of the event. You’ll be part of our event community! Please do share the link to this group with all of the parents of your young people – remember, there is no pressure for leaders to attend, since this event is online. Young people can attend with their parents, so make sure they don’t miss out by passing on that group link and our event information. Please ensure that you and parents of your young people complete the joining questions so that we can accept them into the group.

Click Here to join Virtual Challenge20

Submit your videos and be part of the event
We’d love to include your contribution, and the contributions of your young people, in Virtual Challenge20. You will remember that we recently sent out some information about how you and your young people can get involved by submitting video clips for various parts of the event, including a “hello” from your Group, some examples of dens that young people could build (indoors or outdoors) to stay in overnight, campfire songs for our virtual campfire, entries for our talent show and renewing your Scout promise.
We’d still love to see your videos, particularly if you can lead a campfire song for us on video (pre-recorded), have a den example to inspire our young people, or if you have young people who would like to enter our talent show.
We have extended the deadline for video submissions to the 6th July for the majority of videos, but if you want to enter the talent show, you have until the 20th July to submit your videos. Don’t leave it to the last minute though, we’d love to see your videos as soon as possible! Further information on what is required for each section and on how to submit your videos can be found here.

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