Beaver Activities Saturday 8th August

Resources for this weekend

 Virtual Challenge Beaver Book – This will help you complete the activities this weekend. 

Summer Activity Book– some more ideas to complete over the summer holiday and beyond! 

Beaver Badge Book– some Beaver badges that you can get started with at home.

With all of these, don’t forget to tell your leaders what badges you have completed for them to be awarded to you. 

14:30- Beaver Sectional Activities. 

The theme for the Beaver Activities today is nature and wildlife. 

Held over on our Facebook page live stream or on the website live stream- videos will also be available here after. 

  1. Be a Mini Beast
  2. Build a bug hotel
  3. Matchbox Challenge 

Other Beaver Activities which can be completed this afternoon or at anytime over the weekend! 

20:40- Beaver Story. 

Settle down with this really adorable story of a penguin before bed