Cub Activities Saturday 8th August.

Cubs have lots of exciting activities lined up for Saturday afternoon. 

We have created a Cub Badge book which you can use to record all your activities here over the weekend: 

Click here for the VC20 Cubs Badge Booklet (It is a word document so you can edit it!)  

Also in PDF format: VC20 Cubs Badge Booklet

Saturday Activities

1. Flagpole Making (live stream)

Click here for the Flagpole Activity worksheet.
 Newspaper or similar
 Selotape or other tape
 Paper for your flag design
 Something to colour your flag
Glue (optional)

2. Make your own obstacle course (live stream). 
You can use any combination of this equipment and it’s all optional – if you have other things at home that you would like to use for your obstacle course, feel free to use them (with permission from your parents/carers).

Click here for the Obstacle Course Worksheet

Sports equipment (balls / bats)
Hoola Hoop
Something to balance on
Something to time yourself 

3. Salt dough modelling (live stream)

Click here for the Salt Dough Worksheet
Make sure you get an adult to help you.

250g plain flour (plus extra for dusting)
125g table salt
125ml water (maybe a little more)
Large bowl
Cookie Cutters (optional)

4.  Mini Raft Building (website activity)

Click here for the Raft Building Worksheet

Natural materials (for example, leaves, twigs, feathers):
8 twigs the same length
2 slightly longer twigs
1 thin twig
Fallen leaves / petals for the flag 


·       Parental supvervision to collect safe twigs
·       Supervision when testing raft on water
·       Care when using scissors

5. Go Caving! (website activity) 

Click here for the Caving worksheet

The following are all ideas – feel free to choose other items if you prefer.

Sheets or blankets
Cardboard boxes or cardboard 
Sofa or other objects
Sofa cushions

       Safe space

·       Tie up long hair

·       Clothing/footwear suitable 

20:50 Cubs Bedtime story

Let’s hope all the Cubs don’t stay up like this Cub!