Cub Activities Sunday 9th August.

We hope you had a great day yesterday! Today we have lots of fun activities for you again. 

Don’t forget the badge workbook which you can download: Click here for the VC20 Cubs Badge Booklet

Also in PDF format: VC20 Cubs Badge Booklet

Sunday Activities (live stream)

Catapult making. 

Click here for the Catapult worksheet


3 Pencils
3 rubber bands
Small piece of paper or card Sellotape (or similar)
Tin foil
Small bowl or cup
Glue (optional) 

Lava lamp.
Click here for the Lava Lamp worksheet

Bottle or glass
Cooking oil to fill the bottle/glass 2/3 full.
Small amount of white vinegar
Food colouring of your choice.
Teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda or baking powder.
Measuring jug


Target Practice.
Click here for the Target Practice worksheet

Something to throw or to shoot
Something to use as a target
Pens / paper for your target
numbering (optional) 


Sunday Live Stream

Treasure Map: Cubs (website activity)
Click here for the Treasure Map Worksheet
Something to cover the table
Piece of paper
Tea bag or coffee in cup of warm water
Pen or similar to draw your map
Hair dryer (if you want to dry your map quickly rather than let it dry naturally)
Pens or similar to draw your map
Sponge (optional)

Safety: Care when using hot water and keep hairdryer away from water (in electrical areas)

Knot tying: Cubs (website activity)

Rope / cord / string / shoelaces

.Safety:  Please do not tie knots in unsuitable places where might cause danger.