Welcome to the Virtual Challenge 20 Weekend!

09:00- Opening Ceremony. 

Head to the Facebook group and watch the Opening Ceremony to Virtual Challenge20- with some familiar faces and special guests!

Click here to join the Facebook group. 

10: 15- Virtual Fly past! 
We would have had a real flypast at Challenge 20, so why not build your own plane?

Instructions for building your plane:

To make your aeroplane you will need: 

A large box –  the ones fruit comes in at the supermarket 
At least 1 more large cardboard box 
Assorted bits of card for making propellers 
4 Empty 500ml water bottles 
Split pins 
Strong tape / glue gun 
Craft knife 
Hand drill or bradawl to make holes 
Paint if you want to colour your aeroplane.
Use the image below to help you!

Submit your finished videos/photographs using the link on the information page.

11:00 Youth Commissioner Challenge 

As part of VC20, we are going to show you some videos of activities which you could do around the house to count towards your Youth Commissioner Challenge Badge.


11:30- Build your own Den!

As part of Challenge20, you would have been sleeping in a tent. So for Virtual Challenge, either have a go at pitching a tent in the garden or build a den inside your house.