Scout Sectional Activities- Saturday 8th August.

15:30 Armpit Fudge (live on the stream, Facebook group and website). 

Note: please check your ingredients for allergens and
make appropriate substitutions if required.

• Handwash (to wash hands with!)
• Butter (1 tablespoon)
• Icing sugar (50g)
• Cocoa powder (2 teaspoons)
• Soft cheese (2 teaspoons)
• A ziplock food-safe bag. 

Saturday afternoon activity: resources on website only. 

This can be completed at any point during the afternoon or over the weekend. 

Fruit Salad Solar System: Scouts (website
Note: parental supervision is required for this activity.
• Bowls
• Eight different fruits for each solar
system (ideally peppercorns,
blueberries, grapes, dried cranberries,
grapefruits, oranges, small satsumas,
and plums)
• An exercise ball (or similar sized ball)
• Vases or bowls of water (optional)
• Knives (optional)

Fruit Salad Solar System Instruction Worksheet

19:15: Ghost Mask craft

A mask template (provided with instructions):

• Scissors
• A strip of paper or a length of elastic
for the headband.
• Glue
• Coloured pens, pencils and/or other
items to decorate your mask with.
• Paper
• A printer (optional)
• A piece of A4 white card

Click here for the ghost mask instruction sheet